Teen Patti Earn Apk Download

Teen Patti Earn Apk Download

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So friends again we have come with a new Teen Patti app. And friends, the name of this application is Teen Patti Earn . This application has been launched on Date: 27/2/2023 and Friday.

Friends, this application has just come in the market and now you can earn lakhs of rupees from this application. You know that there are many Teen Patti and Rummy apps being launched in the market. But you don’t like any app. Because it has a region. You do not get much future inside the new Teen Patti game that comes and you also get less sign up bonus in it.

Due to this there are not many players in that application and that application gets closed. But friends, in Teen Patti Earn APK, you will get a lot of games and also you will get a signup bonus of ₹ 41. And you can use the sign up bonus you get to play any game. And you can take the won money in your bank account. And you can also win real cash from this application. Read below for further details.

How To Create Account At Teen Patti Earn App

It is mandatory for you to create an account in Teen Patti Earn application. If you want to take your winning money in your bank account, then for that you have to create an account. If you have not created your account, then you will not be able to live the real case and you will not be able to get your money in your bank account.

And you will also get a signup bonus of ₹41 if you create your account inside this application. And also friends, you can also get a chance to win the real case. You will find below the process of how to create an account.

Step — Download Teen Patti Earn
Step — Now open it.
Step – You will get two options out of which you have to select one option out of which you will get one for guest account and one for login with mobile number.
Step – Now you have to enter inside your account with guest account.
Step – Now you have to click on your profile button, there you will get bind number option, click on it.
Step — Now enter your mobile number and your password and an OTP will come in the mobile number you entered, enter that OTP as well.
Step — Now your Teen Patti Earn Apk Download account has been created.

Add money in Teen Patti Earn app

- Download Teen Patti APK.
- Now you have to register your account.
- Open the app and click on the Addcash button on the side.
- You can add ₹100 to your game account.
- Then you will get some amount and click on the amount you want to add cash.
- Then you will go to your chrome browser.
- From there directly you will go to any of your bank account.
- Pay the amount you have selected in your game account from your bank account.
- Within a minute or 2, your money will be added to your game account.

how many games are there in this teen patti earn app

Friends, you must have heard about hobby game. Just like you get games in that application, in the same way you will get the same number of games in this application. If you don’t know that also about the game then you click on OB download button you will go to that page. You will find the list of the types of games available in this APK below.

honor of kings
Lucky Fruits
Duel of the Sea King
Best of Five
red vs black
Teen Patti
7Up Down
Zoo Roulette
bti sports
dragon vs tiger
Car Roulette
Deep Sea A Walking
Teen Patti 20-20
10 cards
Andar Bahar
Andar Bahar Go

Other Future In Teen Patti

(1) First Deposit Bonus


This application is a storehouse of friends future, in which you will get unlimited future, in which you will get the opportunity to earn money for free. And friends, you also get a future of a VIP in this. I am going to tell you how you will earn money from this future. For that friends you see below if you want to take advantage of VIP inside this application. So you will get level bonus in that. In this future you will get four bonuses and that too different.

In this, you will be able to claim these 4 bonuses only when you recharge ₹ 500 in this application. What you add ₹ 500, you have to add it only once. Then you will start getting bonus month after month. We also tell you below which bonus you will get. And they will also tell you how much bonus you will get. Teen Patti Master

Daily Login Bonus — ₹7
Weekly Bonus — ₹50
Monthly Bonus — ₹100
Level Bonus — ₹500

(3) Game Rebate
Friends, you must know that many times when you play the game, then you have a loss in it. This PK is giving you such a future in which if you make a loss, you will get some of your commission in return. Friends, this is a very good thing for you that you are losing your money and at the same time you are also getting some extra money.

Friends, this is just the beginning of all these futures that you will get futures as you keep moving forward with this article. See below for how much commission you will get in this return – if you do not get anything below, then we will also tell you a screenshot above, you will understand through that.


( 4 ) Bonuses In Teen Patti Earn App Download

In this future, you will get two extra bonuses, one will be deposit bonus and the other will be cashback bonus. If you have not downloaded Teen Patti earn apk, then friends, download this application quickly because now you can see how many futures are available in it. Friends, you have to understand a little about this, otherwise you will not be able to understand what we will get in these two futures.


In this, I have given you the exact information below that how much money you will get and let me tell you that you will get bonus in this offer. What you have to do then you will get bonus how you will get bonus you will get answer of all question below

[ 1 ] Deposit Bonus

1. The higher the number of consecutive recharge days, the higher the reward
amount. If there is an interruption or the recharge is completed for 5
consecutive days, the number of days will be recalculated;

2. Unclaimed top-up rewards will only be reserved for 1 day (the next day).

Expiration will be considered as a forfeited reward. Please claim it in time;

[ 2 ] Cashback Bonus

Cashback Bonus
Teen Patti Earn App Refer And Earn
I hope friends you must have downloaded this application in your mobile phone. So it is a good thing that you also want to earn money from this application. See below for how you will get the refer and earn option.

Refer And Earn
- Download and open this app.
- Now click on the Refer & Earn button on the side.
- Now copy your referral link and share it on your notepad.
- Before sharing your referral link, your account must be registered with a mobile number.
- If your account is not registered with the mobile number, then you will not get the commission of the referrer.
- You can also share your refer link on your WhatsApp or on your Facebook.
- Then if someone downloads this application from your link then you will get 30% commission that too for lifetime.


How To Withdraw Money In 3 Patti Earn

- Open the downloaded application.
- Now click on the Withdraw button at the bottom.
- You have entered the details of your bank account as well as the UPI bank account.
- Entering the bank account information correctly, otherwise you may face problems in withdrawing later.
- You can withdraw minimum ₹100.
- Enter the amount you want to take into your bank account.
- Now click on the Withdraw button.
- If you have a new account then it may take 1 or 2 hours for your Withdraw to arrive.

So friends, I have provided you complete information about Teen Patti earn apk. So now I think you must have got all the information about this application that how we can earn money from this application. If friends, you have liked this application of ours, then you must also share it with your friends so that they too can earn money from all these applications.

Disclaimer :- This app contains elements of financial risk so please play on your own responsibility. If you add your money in it and you lose money then you will be responsible for it. Only and only people of 18+ age should play this application.


Q.1 :- How much is the sign up bonus in this app?

A :- ₹41.

Q.2 :- How many days has it been since this app came?

A :- Friends, it has been launched today only, you can also check the date above.

Q.3 :- How much money can we withdraw?

A :- ₹100.

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