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Rummy Parfect :- Friends I have come up with a great app for you on 16/1/2023. Friends, in this app you are going to get a signup bonus of ₹ 51. And with that money you can also take money in your bank account by playing games. Friends, you know that at present there are many rummy apps launching in the market. But now you are not well.

If you guys are looking for a new rummy app. Then this Rummy Perfect app will be best for you. Because friends in this app you will get to see a lot of future. And yes friends, many games are also available in this app.

In some apps you get to play 10 or 15 games but friends you will get many more games in this app. Such as multiplayer games, casino games, slot games and etc. Friends, you can use the bonus of ₹ 51 in all games. Friends from this app you can win real cash. And you can also earn ₹80000 in a month. Rummy Parfect

How to download Rummy Perfect App

Friends, downloading this app is very easy. You can also download this app by clicking on the Upti Care button. If you do not want to download from there then you can also download this application by clicking on our above download button. You will find the download process below.

- Click on the Download button.
- Rummy Perfect New Version will open in front of you as soon as you click.
- There also click on the download button.
- Then this apk will start downloading in your chrome browser.
- You can install this app in your mobile phone from the download option of Chrome browser.

How to create your account in Rummy Perfect.

Friends, in this app, you will get a signup bonus of ₹ 51 as soon as you create an account. In some apps you do not get this much bonus. Then you can download this app. Friends, all of you create an account like yours, in the same way you have to create your account in this app too. Now you will find below step by step process on how to delete your account.

How to create your account in Rummy Perfect

Step : Click on the Rummy Perfect Login button.
Step : Now you have to enter your number, you have to enter your password, an OTP will come on the mobile number you have entered, also enter that OTP.
Step : Once the account is created, you will be logged into your game account.
Step : Then you will get a signup bonus of ₹51.

How many types of games are available in Rummy Perfect APK that we can play

Guys this is a multiplayer game. In which you will get 15 to 20 games. In this, you will find casino games, rummy games, teen patti, slot games, etc., by playing which you can earn money. And friends you can earn money by playing all the games. You can see a list of all the games that will be available below. Friends, in this app you will get three different types of games which you will come to know step by step.

Hot Games :

thunder fire
golden frog
dragon tiger fight
red and black
lucky dollar
Poker Game :

dragon tiger fight
red and black
Teen Patti
spring inside
dice jackpot
video poker
Slots Games :

Fruit Classic
Fortuna’s Tower
lucky dollar
penguin quest
Mammoth Diamond
5 dragon
Maya Empire

How to add money in Rummy Perfect

It is different from you as well as friends. You must have seen in many apps that you can add ₹ 100 first in all those apps. But friends, how can you automatically add it to the first ₹ 50. Even if you have ₹ 50, you can win money by putting a penny in it. Friends, you will get complete information about this app in this article, you can read our article without worrying. If you also want to add money, then definitely follow the process given below.

add money

- Friends, this is a type of gaming app. In which you can add money in different ways. Open Rummy Perfect.
- Now click on Buy Coins button near your amount.
- Now what you should do is with the above screenshot of the amount you want to add.
- Now choose the amount you want to add to your game wallet.
- On clicking the amount, you will be taken to your Chrome browser, where you do not have to complete a small KYC.
- After completion of KYC, you can pay your money on your phone Pay or you can pay through your Paytm.
- You have to pay the same amount that you have chosen from any of your bank accounts to your game account.
- Friends, within 1 minute your money will be added to your game account.


How to get the Rummy Perfect First Deposit Bonus

Friends in this app also you get the same future. If you download this perfect rummy app from our ling. And you make the first deposit. So you get an extra bonus. How to get it and how to get it, we are going to tell you in this paragraph. Friends, you can earn maximum money from this future. You can also see the screenshot of how much extra money you will get by adding how much money to it. Friends, the more cash you add, the more bonus you will get. Friends, you will get this only once, if you create a new account, then you will definitely get it.

7 Days Check In Bonus in Rummy Perfect APK

Friends if you have earned money. And you got to play some games. So, there is another new future for you. In this future you will get 7 day check in bonus. Friends, if you open this app daily, then you will definitely get some bonus. Friends, nothing is written here that you will get this much bonus. In this you will get some bonus ranging from ₹10 to ₹20. And friends, sometimes you can also get a bonus of ₹ 50 in this.

Whatever bonus you deposit with you within the day, you can use it to withdraw to your bank account. Or you can also use it to play any game etc. Friends, within 7 days you will get around ₹ 50 bonus. Friends, in this way also you can earn money in it.

What is this Loss Compensation in Perfect Rummy APK

You can earn money from this future also. Friends, a fiery future awaits you in Rummy Perfect. So friends, feel free to use this application. If there is a loss from this future, you will get money. We’ll tell you how to meet him. If friends add your money in this app. And if you lose that money in a game. So according to that amount you will get the same amount as return.


Loss Compensation

If you add ₹5000 in this app and you get money in any game then 3% money will be returned to your game account. In such a situation, if you add more money, the more return you will get. Friends, you will have to complete 3 times the bet of whatever money you will get in return. Only then you can take your money in the bank account.

Rummy Perfect VIP Permanent Earning

With this future you are going to earn more and more free money. Your income is going to be 3 times in this future. Like all applications, in this application also you will get VIP offers. But friends, in this app you will get to see this offer differently. You can earn lifetime from this future. First of all you have to enter ₹500 in this app. Only then this VIP offer of yours will be activated.

Now we are going to tell you what are its benefits. The more money you remember in this future, the more you get this VIP bonus. To this around ₹27000 was added by my friends. So I am still getting some or the other bonus with this Rummy Perfect APK. If you are not sure, you can also see the above screenshot. You can also see the screenshot above of how much money you will get and how much you will get. As soon as your VIP1 level is completed, you start getting money. Now friends, you can see that my VIP level is 3.

Silver Turnover in the Rummy Parfect

If you play any game like dragon vs tiger game or any other game. The more you play the game, some points will be added to you in the future. So now you will think that brother, can we earn money in this too? So friends, of course you can earn money from this future also. Friends, you are going to get points in this.

If you reach 100 points, you can do a spin. You can see the screenshot above of how much money you will get in this. If you play games and your money falls short, you can turn around here and recover half the money. And friends, you can also take this future money in your bank account or use it to play any game.

Rummy Parfect Customer Service

You also get the facility of customer service in this app. If you have any problem with this app. Addcash problem, withdraw problem, id block problem, bank account change number problem, you will get all these facilities in this app. You friend can solve your problem by contacting this company directly. And friends wow 24 hours online, will reply you immediately. Friends, you can contact all these companies i.e. you can contact Perfect Rummy from the company through Telegram or WhatsApp. You will find this supported program next to your mail option as soon as you open the game.

You can earn money by referring to Rummy Perfect App

If you are afraid to play any game. That if we invest our money in it and go to ourselves, we will be at a loss. If friends if you want to earn money from loss in this app then also you can earn. Friends, I have told you that you can earn money by telling your future without investing any money in it. And friends in this app you get another future that is refer and earn. This future is available inside all applications. This is also available with us. You don’t have to invest even ₹ 1 in this future. With this future you can earn money for free. See below for how you can refer and how we’ll receive this offer.

earn money by referring

- Open the application and click on the Refer & Earn button which you will see on that side.
- There you will see your link. Click on it and copy.
- Now share that link anywhere on your WhatsApp or your Facebook.
- Then you share this link on whatsapp, facebook, telegram or any other social media anywhere.
- Then someone downloads this app from your link, then you will get a bonus of ₹ 10.
- If someone of your gender has downloaded then that too ₹ 1
- 51 will be given as bonus.
- And friends, if he plays a game, you will get 30% of his commission.
- You can also take the money earned from referrals into your bank account.

How To Withdraw Money From Rummy Perfect App

- Open the application.
- Click on the Withdrawal button.
- Now enter your bank account details.
- Now enter your UPI account details.
- Enter the amount you want to have in your bank account.
- You can take minimum ₹100 in your bank account.
- Within 5 minutes you will get your money in your bank account.

conclusion :

Friends, we have given you complete information about Rummy Perfect in this article. We hope now you have understood everything that how we can earn money from this app. You will get the benefit of all the facilities in this app. Along with this, you will also get the option of customer service. This apk is absolutely best among all friends. So friends you can use this application. If you still have any problem then you can comment us below. And if you have any question, then you can tell us below, we will definitely answer it.

Note :- The app mentioned in this article involves elements of financial risk, so if you want to use this app, do so with caution and at your own risk. Thank you

Rummy Perfect App FAQs

Q.1 :- How much is the Signup Bonus in Rummy Perfect App?

A :- ₹ 51, after entering the mobile number.

Q.2 :- How much money can be taken in my bank account?

A :- ₹100.

Q.3 :– Is it trusted

A :- Yes, 100%.

Q.4 :- How much money can we add to our game account?

A :- ₹50.

Q.5 :- Does this app have customer service?

A :- Yes.

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