Slots Star Rummy Apk Download

Slots Star Rummy Apk Download

Teen Patti BWS Rummy  Get ₹555

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Slots Star Rummy :- Once again we have brought you Slots Star Rummy Apk. If friends you are a student then you can earn money from this app. Today I am going to tell you such an app from which you can earn part time. This application is also similar to Same to Same Teen Patti Master. Just like you get all the programs in that app, in the same way you will get all types of programs in this app. And friends, you can also call this application Teen Patti BWS.

This application has been around for at least a couple months. But this app is working great. You will not have any problem in this. Because friends, this application is very old and is still running. You must have seen that many apps come and then close. We are advising you that you can also earn money from this app. If you want, you can also make money by referring from this app. Like we are referring now, in the same way you can also refer by downloading this Slots Star Rummy Apk. In this article, we are going to give you complete information.

How to Download Slots Star Rummy App

Follow the steps given below to download this application.

- First click on the download button.
- Now the interface of this application will open in front of you.
- Now you will see the download button there also click on it.
- Now if you click on the download button then you will see this name Teen Patti BWS. But this app is Slots Star only.
- Let’s download or the apk file will be downloaded in your chrome browser.
- Then you can install this application from your chrome browser.

How To Create Account In Slots Star Rummy Apk

If you want to earn money from this application now. So it is mandatory for you to create an account in this app. If you do not create your account in this then you cannot earn money. So if you want to earn money from app with this app then you have to create your account. You will find information on how to create an account below.

How To Create Account In Slots Star Rummy Apk

- Download and open the application.
- Now you will get friend three options.
- Mobile number guest account and your favorite Facebook account.
- But you have to create account with mobile number only.
- Enter your mobile number and an OTP will come in the mobile number you entered, enter that OTP as well.
- Now your account has been created.

Which Game Available At Slots Star

As I told you in the beginning that this application is same as Teen Patti Master and Teen Patti Gold. But friends, there is so much difference in this that in this app you will get to play all the slots games. But you do not have to worry, friends, you can earn money even by playing all those games. If you know how to play slot games, we will tell you that too. You will find the list of which games are available below. In the same way, there is a game in Teen Patti Master; in the same way, all those games are also included in this one.

Wingo lottery
candy party
7 up down
3 patti war
baccarat ab
Andar Bahar
Car Roulette
Jandi munda
dragon vs tiger
Muflis teen patti
pot blind
AK47 3 Patti
fishing war
red vs black
Golden India
bikini paradise
Cricket Heroes
Point rummy

How To Add Cash At Slots Star Rummy

- Open the app.
- Now click on the Add Cash button.
- In this app you can add minimum ₹100 cash.
- You have to click on amount as much as you want to add amount to your game account.
- As soon as you click on any amount, you will go to your Chrome browser.
- From there you have to complete your KYC.
- After KYC completion, you will immediately go inside any of your bank accounts.
- Pay out as much amount from your bank account as you had selected.
- Your money will be credited to your game account within 5 minutes.


hat’s Task in Slots Star Rummy App

Friends, you will find a lot of futures inside Easy Application. With which you can earn money for free. Like inside all the applications, you get such futures, starting from which you can earn money for free. Similarly friends in this Slots Star Rummy App also you will get all futures. If you have not downloaded this application yet, then friends go fast and download this app.


What’s Task in Slots Star Rummy App

Now let’s talk about the offer with this task, how you will earn money in it. teen patti BWS apk you will get this task offer. Friends, in this offer you will get money for free, we will also tell you how to get it. If you are smart then you will understand just through a screenshot. So we have given you a above screenshot in which you can know that how much money we will get inside this app and in this future

What’s Daily Reward At Slots Star Rummy

If you download this application then you will get to see another future. Inside some applications it is a future with Daily Reward and inside some applications it is not a future. If you download this app and create your account, then you too will definitely get this future. You can earn money from Wale Future for free. You will get free cash for 7 days.

Daily Reward

Any amount between ₹ 1 or ₹ 5 can be received daily. If you do this, click on it for 7 days and claim your bonus. So you can get ₹100 also. In this way you can earn free money of ₹100. If you are a VIP player then you will get the maximum amount in this Daily Reward.

If you haven’t added ₹100 to it and you are not a VIP player then you will get an amount between ₹1 or ₹5. If you are a VIP player, then you will get any amount between ₹ 100. If in this way you keep taking your money in it everyday. Then when your seventh day comes, you can get ₹ 1000 in that. In this way you can also earn money inside this Slots Star Rummy apk for free.

What is Lottery in Slots Star Rummy app

This future in a tremendous application. You cannot earn free money with this futures. But most of all you can earn money in it. You will get lottery in this. Like you must have heard that if we win a lottery at some place, we get some reward. In this way, if we go to a shop somewhere, we get the lottery there too. And there is some amount there, if we get that amount inside that lottery, then that shopkeeper gives us that amount. In the right way, you can win money by applying it to your own lottery.


If you invest more money in this, then you will also get more money inside the lottery. But this happens sometimes, if you have put more money, if your lottery number does not come, then your money can also go, you have to take care of this too. You will get three numbers in this app. You have to make a choice as to which number will come in the lottery. If the number you have chosen comes in the lottery then you will get money. You friends can invest money in it even from ₹ 10. If you bet more money then you can win ₹10000 also.

Refer And Earn In Slots Star Rummy

- Slots Star Rummy apk download.
- Now create your account, you will find the process of how to create an account above.
- Now you have to click on the agent button on the side.
- Then you have to enter your number and an OTP will come in the number you have entered, enter that OTP as well.
- Now your Refer and Earn program account has also been created.
- Now copy your referral link. And paste it somewhere else in a safe place.
- If you bring a download means you will get ₹20 if you bring a referral. And also his 30% commission.
- With the above process you can create your refer and earn account.

Refer And Earn

Friends, it comes to know how we will earn money by referring in this application. So you do not have to be afraid, we are going to give you all the information in this article. In this way you can refer in this app. If friends you have completed all the above process then now we start from here. Now we tell you where you can refer. So friends, first of all let’s talk about WhatsApp. If you have a WhatsApp, then you must have 10 or 20 groups in it. You have to prepare a photo of this application and along with it you have to put payment proof and you have to put a link of your application. Then you have to share it in all your groups.

If you share with your friends, then many of your referrals will come. If you have 50 people or 300 people in a WhatsApp group. So within 1 day you will get the download easily. And you will get their money too. So you can also share your refer link here. If you do not want to do this, then you can also put your referral link on your WhatsApp status. From there also you will easily get 10-15 referrals.

Now we tell you the second step about Facebook. You can also copy your wrapper link and create a screenshot and share it on your Facebook. If you put that link on your story and 50 people see your story, then your 10 refer will come easily. And you can post on Facebook. Also have to put your referral link.

If you do not want to do it in this way, then you can also create a website and share it. The way we are writing such articles, in the same way you can also refer by writing articles and putting your refer link. So you can refer through all this.

How To Withdraw Money At Slots Star Rummy

- Download and open the application.
- Now click on Withdraw button.
- Now the first thing you have to do is add ₹ 100. If you do not add cash of ₹ 100 in it, then you will not be able to take payment in it.
- You can take minimum ₹ 100 in your bank account.
- We enter the amount you want to take in your bank account.
- But before that you have to enter your bank account details.
- Within 10 or 20 minutes your money will come inside your bank account.


Friends, in this article, we have given you complete information about this application. If now you have understood that how we can earn money from all these applications. And till now you have not downloaded this application then you can download this application in your mobile phone and earn money by reading our above paragraph also. If you got all the information in this app. You can also share this article with your friends. So that he too can earn money from all these applications. If you want these new teen patti or rummy apps like this. So you keep visiting our official website.

Disclaimer :- Friends, this application contains elements of financial risk. So please play at your own risk. If you add your money in this application and you lose your money. So you yourself will be responsible for this. And download this application only people of 18+ age. Thank you


Q.1 :– How much is the sign up bonus in this application?

A :- ₹555

Q.2 :- How much money can we transfer to our bank account?

A :- ₹100

Q.3 :- Is this application safe?

A :- Yes. 100% Trusted.

Q.4 :- When has this application been launched?

A :- It has been 3 or 4 months since this application was launched.

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